Friday, 4 September 2009

SEC charges Michael J. Moore & Associates, but …

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS!!! I mean, that's the golden rule, isn't it? Michael Moore is a Las Vegas-based accountant - can't the SEC cut him a bit of slack? What's wrong with these people?

What is he charged with anyway? Issuing false audit reports, and hiring high school dropouts who had no experience in accounting. Well, these are not serious crimes, are they? Mr Moore ain't exactly Charles Manson, is he? There are worse things he could have done.

I have been speaking to Michael (I still am). This may get a little confusing: 'Michael, man, am I such a terrible person? All I did was try to help some kids down on their luck, give them a chance to earn a living - and how does society repay me? You got a raw deal, Michael, my friend. Didn't you tell the SEC about your trips into the desert, where you showed these kids the way? They wouldn’t listen, Michael. They don't care about all the good work I have done in the community. They don't know what it is like in Vegas. The desert is calling you all the time. They don't know the temptations. Michael, I'll bet you anything you like, they would also be neglecting their duties if they were in my position. Michael, all you care about is the burning, ain't it? Yes, Michael, the burning makes me forget. You must have been out of it half the time. Oh, I was, Michael. And the thing is, I know -

O Master, that's enough! You're taking the piss. Have a bit of consideration for your readers. Can't you use italics for one of the voices?

Whose voice? Michael's, or mine? And I'm using italics for you, my child.

Well, use bold then.

Who said that?

I did.

And the thing is, I know the SEC wants to believe, it wants to love. It just hasn't been given a chance - like those poor kids. I'm a fucking humanitarian, for Christ's sake! You dig me, Michael?

I dig you, man. But let's leave it there.

Thank fuck!