Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Jonathan Powell, Ian Robertson, Dominic Yip, Sergio Pagani, Matthieu Robert …

… all these guys, and many more - seventy-two in total - THEY WANT THEIR FRIGGIN' BONUSES!!! They are suing Dresdner Kleinwort and its new owner Commerzbank. THEY WERE PAID JUST A TENTH OF THE BONUSES THEY WERE PROMISED!!!

Jonathan Powell wants £1.46 million. Ian Robertson wants £1,313,940. Dominic Yip wants £1,062,275. Sergio Pagani wants £944,268. Matthieu Robert wants £885,140 and a Curly Wurly. Christ knows what all the others want, but I am sure they deserve it.

O Big Herb, money god in the astral desert of our dreams, I call on you now: force Dresdner to do the right thing. The bank must pay these bonuses!