Friday, 4 September 2009

Simon Nixon: bankers only have themselves to blame

Simon Nixon is a journalist at the Wall Street Journal. But he is WRONG. Bankers do not only have themselves to blame. And that doesn't mean they can blame it on the boogie. It means they can blame it on their karma.

On their karma? O Master, you have gone too far now. I know all about karma, me. What have I ever done to deserve being a disembodied voice on this freakin' blog? Tell me that! Karma is bullshit! You make your own luck.

O my child, are you stoned or something? Sometimes you really are a loon, almost as bad as I am. You make your own luck? What's that got to do with the laws of karma?

If I'm as bad as you, I am you.

Simon Nixon has got it wrong. Bankers cannot control themselves. It is in their nature to award themselves massive pay packages. NATURE DICTATED TO THEM BY THE LAWS OF KARMA!!! They have been forced into this situation, where everyone hates them. If anything, they deserve our sympathy.

If it's all down to karma, they still have themselves to blame. Because of their past lives!


Yes they were!

It's been a long day. Let's forget it. I've got one more post to write about Madoff. Then I'm going to get drunk.