Thursday, 26 November 2015

Geoff Crocker on the unpopular austerity chancellor

I think that's right. / Yeah, it's the Thursday night PR email, back by popular demand. But George Osborne ain't popular. At least, not with the noted UK economist Geoff Crocker.

The noted UK economist Geoff Crocker has challenged the chancellor's unpopular austerity measures in a new paper which suggests a Basic Income approach is the only way to effectively manage the current UK deficit. Calling the chancellor's planned welfare cuts 'defective' on three levels, Crocker's Basic Income theory is detailed in depth in his latest paper, 'The Economic Necessity of Basic Income', published by the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Welfare cuts defective? The whole bloody government is defective if you ask me!

Crocker says the welfare cuts - which are expected to leave the country's worst off in an ever more precarious position as benefits such as tax credits are slashed - are technically, practically and morally incorrect. He says, "The burden of these welfare cuts will fall unequally on lower income earners and families. The distribution of the national income will yet again be skewed in favour of the rich and against the poor."

'Er, slashed ... when did this email arrive, boss?' Yesterday, I think, Voice. But it doesn't matter. Tax credits will still be cut as a part of the new Universal Credit nonsense that is coming in.

"The chancellor fundamentally believes that the government budget can be balanced, or even run in surplus. Ha! Facts prove him wrong. The man ain't right in the head. He has been unable to eliminate the deficit. He will not be able to eliminate it. In modern high technology, high productivity economies, deficit is inevitable, and manageable."

'Er ... did Mr Crocker say that, boss?' Yes. 'What, all of it?!' Most of it, Voice. What's your problem?


Ah, that's enough, dear reader(s). / The end of another week. 'Yippee!' I might go to the pub tomorrow, and I might have Stellas - to celebrate the completion of my demo! 'Stellas? Is that wise, Mikey?' I'm fed up drinking Cokes all the time, man.

Migraines? I shit 'em!