Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mark Armour is retiring

'Oh, he's all shy, is he, our Mark? How sweet!' Don't be a bloody idiot, Voice! I said that Mr Armour is retiring.

Yeah, from Invesco Perpetual. The firm Neil Woodford tried to wreck by having the audacity to start his own firm. 'Bastard!'

Er, obviously, Mr Amour, our Mark, is/was ... the chief executive of Invesco. He did a great job keeping everyone calm after the departure of the great man. 'That's ancient history! The world has moved on. No one cares about the field marshal now. Or was he ... a viscount? I get so confused.' His full title, Voice, is ... [drum roll] ... Viscount Dr Field Marshal Sir Screaming Lord Woodford, CBE, VC, DSO, MC. So have a bit of respect.

The question is ... [another goddamn drum roll] ... What will Mr Armour do with his retirement? 'Ha! Play golf, Mikey.' Oh, you think you're so funny, don't you, Voice? They're not all obsessed with golf, you know. Some of them play the guitar. Some of them ... These guys have a wide range of interests! They're well-rounded individuals. 'Sorry, boss. / What's our Mark going to be doing then?' Playing golf, I should think. 'Ha!'


Ah, that's enough. 'What about Mr Schlossberg?!' I'm not interested in Mr Schlossberg. Enough already! The sooner this blog becomes a music blog, the better.

Music? I did some recording last night, and I got close a couple of times. Stupid ballads! I should stick to catchy pop songs. 'Don't give up!' I'm not giving up, man.

Music? I mean, music I'm listening to? Well, I'm not sure it's any of your business, dear reader(s), but I'm listening to Blues Lines by Massive Attack. I haven't played this album much. There's some good stuff on it though, besides the famous Unfinished Sympathy.

Music? Er ... my music, again?! I'm going to be recording after lunch and for the rest of the day. Fuck it! The gloves are off!


Anything else? I suppose you want to know what I'm having for lunch. I'm having a cheese sandwich.

Are you happy now?