Monday, 2 November 2015

Blueshift Capital Group is closing its Blueshift Energy fund

Yes, another blue fund, over in America. New York, to be precise. The energy fund is being shut because of a problem with oil. / Hopefully, they have other funds, but if they don't ... it's not the end of the cosmos, you dig? I was reading the other day that Andromeda is two and half million light years away. It's ridiculous! And what do you imagine they do there, dear reader(s)? Do they run hedge funds? Do they play guitars? Do they rot their teeth with too many fizzy drinks? I doubt we'll ever know. It's so depressing.

Bloomberg is a bit more helpful though, I'm glad to say. Bloomberg reckons: Blueshift Capital Group LP is a fund management firm. The company manages a long/short energy volatility fund. Blueshift Capital focuses on the energy sectors and offers its services to institutional investors, small investors and personal capital investors. Er ... no mention of Andromeda, unfortunately. But you can't have everything. 'Boss!' What, Voice? What is it, man? 'It says ... "a ... long/short energy volatility fund", yeah? Just one fund!' Oh.

Let's talk about something else. 'Okay. Music?' Personally, I'm hoping those guys over in Andromeda get in touch. Maybe they can tell us SOMETHING(!!!) ... we need to know. I don't actually want to be depressed. I've been in a positive mood all weekend, about my music, and I don't want finance bringing me down.


Music? I didn't try to record my songs at the weekend, except for a couple of tests with my Zoomy thingy. The sound quality is so good, I'm wondering if I'll have to re-do the old recording I have of a song called She Loves Me. 'No!' Oh, I'll probably keep it. It sounds a bit rough, but I like the "performance", as it were or ... as it is, yeah? This song, written and recorded in 2012, is the one thing that has kept me motivated. Every time I've felt like giving up, I've listened to She Loves Me and said to myself: "No way, man! Let's keep rockin' in the free world!!!" Or words to that effect.

Guitar? My playing has jumped up another level. 'For Christ's sake, Mikey! How many levels are there?!' I have no idea, Voice. Perhaps there are endless levels ... / I'm just angry at myself that I couldn't play like this when I was younger - the first time a-ROUND, you dig? 'Ah, the apples trees! Blossoms in the breeze!' I didn't know then what I know now: If you play two hours a day for two years, guys like Angus Young and Prince and Eric Clapton don’t seem so "magical". Anyone can do it!

I'm getting closer ...