Monday, 9 November 2015

Millennium Global Investments? Crazy inflows, man!

Wow! Millennium Global Investments has had inflows of $3.5 billion this year. 'Brilliant, boss!' Yes, it is quite amazing. / There's only one question, Voice, reader(s). 'What's that?' Why are we talking about American dollars when this firm is based in London? 'It's one of the mysteries of life, Mikey. No one will ever explain it.' Ha! What a cosmos we're living in, eh? 'What do we know about the firm, then?' What do we know?

Who on earth are they?

Founded in 1994, they are an independent institutional asset manager based in London specializing in currency investment management for institutionalized clients globally.

What on earth do they do?

They provide currency management solutions including risk mitigation strategies, active management of existing risk, absolute return products and shamanic advisory services.

Oh, they sound all right, don't they? And they probably have a few kooks on their hands. / I might add, dear reader(s), that Millennium Global now has ... $16 billion in assets under management. / American dollars! What's the obsession?!

Ah, that's enough finance, for a Monday morning.


Music? 'Come on!' My music? 'Yeah!' Er ... Gilly, Gilly is back in favour! I recorded a pretty cool version of it yesterday, which has revived my vision of it as a classic garage band song like The Kingsmen's Louie, Louie or The Stooges' No Fun. It's not a perfect recording, but I realize now I'm not going to get perfect recordings - not with my singing and guitar playing, you dig? No, what I need are great performances*, man. Well, I have two: She Loves Me, and Gilly, Gilly. / So, I just need to get You're Lying done ... The ballad in my pop sandwich!

*It's scary how a bad performance can hide the qualities of a song. Even My Funny Valentine would sound shit if I had a crack at it.

Uh, er ... I might add, dear reader(s) - 'You might?' Well, I might, yes, oh, I will ... that I recorded Gilly, Gilly last night after listening to AC/DC's Powerage album. [I suppose it got me in the mood, and in the groove.] And I'm listening to it now. I read somewhere that it is Keith Richards' favourite album. You've got to check it out!


Lunch? 'Ha! They never give up, boss.' Christ! You don't need to be a rocket scientist or a great mystic to work out or to discover that I'm going to be having a cheese sandwich of some description. Get a grip! 'Get a life!' Yeah. / Laters ...