Thursday, 19 November 2015

London Private Wealth?

Right, it's the Thursday night PR email. Actually, I haven't had too many this week. Maybe I've scared them off.

Anyway, London Private Wealth has got a new office. 'Wow!' Yeah, yeah ... / Is this worth reporting? I don't know.

London's premier private wealth manager has upped its game with the recent purchase and fit out of new office spaces in the coveted Riverside Quarter development. Situated in-between Putney and Wandsworth, the new London Private Wealth HQ will play an integral role in helping the firm deliver financial assistance to its curated client base of individuals, partners, mystic kooks and families across the capital.

Well, mystic kooks. Nice! Okay. I'm listening.

For over a decade London Private Wealth has based its operations from a rented space in Upper Richmond Road Putney. With the firm now established as one of the capital's leading private wealth managers, the executive team resolved that it was time to take the plunge and invest in privately owned offices. The high profile Riverside Quarter development was a palpable choice, offering the firm a prestigious location in the heart of the city.  

Palpable? Whatever.

From the new premises London Private Wealth will continue to advise its clients on the complexities of the financial, tax and investment spheres. The includes the development of bespoke financial plans, the creation of active investment strategies and the utilisation of trusts, ISA investments, pensions, QROPS and investment bonds.

Oh, now we're getting to it. The hard sell. Christ! Why do I indulge these people? 'Boss, they only mentioned the mystic kooks to whet your appetite.' Thank you, Voice. I realize that.

Ah, that's enough!


What else? Er, maybe the pub tomorrow. Although I've only been drinking Cokes lately. 'Why go then, Mikey?' To be sociable, man. And I like the view of the river. 'Oh.' And I always hope I'll see some ghosts from The English Civil War. 'Ha! You crack me up, you do!' Shut it, you slag!

Later(s), crocodile(s).