Thursday, 5 November 2015

What is Apollo's Hughes?

There's another one! They're calling this one "Apollo's Hughes". However, there is no need to panic. The thing in question is actually a man by the name of Ryan Hughes. 'That's a relief, boss! What about City's Harris?' Er ... City's Harris is still a problem, Voice. I'll have to get back to the readers on that one.

Well, what do we know about him, this Ryan Hughes? He's a fund manager at Apollo Multi Asset Management, and he went to the University of the West of England ... wherever that is, whatever it is. 'It's probably a university in the west of England somewhere, Mikey.' Yeah, thanks for that. / Uh, I can tell you, dear reader(s), that our Ryan is very well-connected. 'Really? Does he know guys like George Soros then? Maybe he's a personal friend of the field marshal, er, viscount ... ?' No, man. He has over five hundred connections on LinkedIn, you dig? 'Oh dear. Never mind.' AND(!) ... he was a nimble fish in a big pond, right? 'Right.' But now ... he's a different fish in a small pond. I think. 'Is that a good thing?' It doesn't really matter.

I'll be taking Ryan for a spin later, for my sins, I mean, peccadilloes, No. 364. 'He deserves it, boss.' Well, he might say that he doesn't. He might say: "I don't deserve this. I was only managing a fund." Like Gene Hackman at the end of Unforgiven.


Anything else? Not really. I don't want to tell you about my music troubles. I ain't giving up though.

I might put Powerage on in a minute, to cheer myself up. It's impossible to listen to the album and be depressed at the same time. 'Why don't you put Cohen's Songs From A Room on?' I'll give that one a miss, if you don't mind, Voice.

Lunch? Cheese sandwich. 'Christ!' It may seem boring to you, reader(s), but as a vegetarian I can only have cheese or egg sandwiches. 'Oh, you can't have soup?' What?! Cheese soup?! Egg soup?! You're crazy, man!!! No, I'm sticking to the sandwiches.