Thursday, 26 November 2015

Who on earth is James de Bunsen?!

Well, don't get upset, dear reader(s). Seriously! Christ! James de Bunsen is just an old friend of mine ... from the old days. 'You mean the old desert days, boss? I think I remember him.' Yes, we used to call him James de Bunsen Burner. 'Tell them why!' BECAUSE(!) he burned so brightly in the night sky, brighter than any of us ... while we, the mystic kooks, were dancing, dancing, dancing ... oh, all naked, to the wild, psychotic shamanic drums. 'Ah, those were the days!'

Yes, those were the days. I miss the desert, sometimes. Everything was so simple in the desert. / By the way, our James is a fund manager at Henderson Global Investors. 'A good firm!' They're all right, man. They rescued those guys from the wreck of the Gartmore, remember? 'Yes, boss. A dreadful episode!' Tell me about it! 'Really?' No! I don't want to hear about it again. 'Then up and spake an old sailor, had sailed the Spanish Main, "I pray thee, put into yonder port, for I fear a hurricane."' Stop it, Voice!

I'll be taking James for a spin after lunch, No. 370. No particular reason though. 'It'll be nice, Mikey. You two used to burn together in the desert, astral and physical. Now you'll be able to show him how the other half live in your new conceptual reality.' Yeah ... after my luxury egg sandwich, of course.


Anything else? Music? Well, I recorded a version of my song You're Lying last night that I should be able to use for my demo. It's a bit rough. [Like The Stooges trying to do Tony Bennett - ?!] But I'm never going to be smooth, man. / I might try recording it again. I don't know. It's probably too late this year to approach music publishers, which means I have another five or six weeks to prepare ...

So, that's three songs -

She Loves Me
You're Lying
Gilly, Gilly

Let the good times roll!