Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What the hell is City's Harris?!

You'll have to cut me some slack this morning, dear reader(s), because I'm a bit confused. I've got music on my mind, which more of later, in the post, this post, as it were, or ... will be. / Anyway, there's a creature called City's Harris on Fundweb. 'Fund Strategy, boss.' What?! 'They've changed their name. They're calling themselves Fund Strategy now. Believe it or not.' Is this a fucking joke?! 'No.' What would happen if I changed the name of my blog every five minutes? 'Be fair. They're not doing it every five minutes, man.' Christ! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Well, well ... / City's Harris. I have no idea what it is. 'Maybe it's a Harris that crawls around the City, at night, in the shadows, as it were.' And what the fuck, pray tell, is a Harris, Voice?! 'I didn't say I had all the answers, boss.'

Anyway, this City's Harris says: "We believe it is a time to be careful and to emphasise capital preservation. However, our conservative stance is based mostly upon our belief that expectations are too high for the mediocre economic environment. If and when these expectations moderate, we envisage participating in emerging opportunities across a range of asset classes." I haven't got the link. [Too busy, too confused.] But go and have a look at the new website, reader(s). 'Not just a new name?' I mean, it looks nice.

'Boss!' What? 'Notice this City's Harris says "we". I'm wondering -' Oh God! There's more than one! 'Ha!' It's an infestation, man!

Oh, let's try not to get upset. My blood pressure ...


Music? 'Music!' You mean my music? It's a nightmare! I recorded a version of You're Lying yesterday that might be usable. However, I can see myself recording it again, and again, and again. Perhaps till the end of time. And I'm thinking I'll have to dump My Heart. 'Eh?!' Not only is it proving impossible [for me, at least] to record, but I think I need something more upbeat after You're Lying. This means quickly writing a new "pop" song or maybe putting some lyrics to a tune I have from a few years ago. Whatever! I'm so pissed off that I'm working flat out now ... when I'm not blogging or sleeping. / City's Harris! What the hell is that?!?!