Thursday, 19 November 2015

Who on earth is Rick Saunders? And what does he do at Deutsche Bank?

Well, I can tell you, dear reader(s), that Rick has just been promoted at Deutsche Bank. 'Yippee!' Yeah, so we have something to celebrate. He is now the head of equity trading. 'Wow!' Probably the global head. 'Fucking hell! That's impressive, boss.' Yes, it is, Voice. / Unfortunately, that's all anybody knows about him. 'Surely not!' I've checked LinkedIn, man. There is no Rick Saunders working in banking. 'WTF?!' Say it properly. 'What the fuck?!' That's better. It's silly just saying W ... T ... F - ?!

No Rick Saunders ... / Which leaves us, or me, with a problem. A big goddamn problem. I can't really continue with this post. 'Don't be defeatist, Mikey!' It's not a question of being defeatist. There is no Rick Saunders at Deutsche Bank, so there is nothing to write about. If I continue with this post it's just going to be a load of emptiness and howling in the wind.

I'm seriously pissed off.

'Maybe you'll feel better after lunch, boss. Maybe after your cheese sandwich you'll be in the mood for taking our Rick for a spin in one of your conceptual posts.' Ha! Well, let me correct a few things. For Christ's sake! He's not "our Rick". How can he be?! Also, how can I take a non-existent man for a spin? 'I'm sure you've done it before.' Yeah? I don't know. / And lunch? I'm having a luxury egg sandwich! Not a cheese one.


Oh God! I'll see how I feel later.

Anything else? Music? My music? I recorded You're Lying again last night. Another good version, but not great. I'm getting closer, man!

Music? Other people's music? I'm listening to the Saturday Night Fever Original Soundtrack.