Thursday, 29 October 2015

Deutsche Bank job losses ... 9,000 or 15,000 or 35,000 or ...

It all depends whom you believe, dear reader(s). Different media organizations, jokers! Personally, I don't believe any of them. So, I've come up with my own figure ... 12,565. 'How did you get that number, boss?' Just a lucky guess, Voice. 'Lucky?!' Well, obviously, it's not lucky for the poor sods at Deutsche Bank losing their jobs.

The question is: Will there be anyone left working at the bank? 'Maybe the cat, and the caretaker.' Yeah, a lot of good they will be, man. Who's going to bring the money in? Who's going to keep the bank running?

Maybe it doesn't matter, I don't know. Finance was always heading this way. 'Because of the credit crunch, the crisis?' Partly, Voice. But mainly because of me. 'Oh.' You can't enter the staid world of finance with visions and chakras and blood and fire and not have a destabilizing effect, you know? But, unfortunately, it was written. In the stars.

Hopefully, they'll all get new jobs, better jobs.


Zoomy thingy? I absolutely love it now. 'What, your Zoomy thingy?!' Yes, that's what I said. It's a beautiful piece of technology. I'll have another go at my songs soon. Maybe Sunday - if I'm in the right mood.

Well, later(s), crocodile(s).