Thursday, 8 October 2015

Apollo Aviation Group? SASOF III?

Well, well ... this is a STRANGE(!) one, dear reader(s). According to its website, Apollo Aviation Group used to be, er, a single boutique. 'Eh? What does that mean, boss?' It means they used to sell clothes for astronauts. But just one shop, yeah? 'Oh, that's nice.' Yeah, Voice, because astronauts have always had trouble finding the right gear for outer space. All that NASA shit is very badly tailored, you know? A lot of the guys were complaining about the quality. So Apollo Aviation Group saw the gap in the market and stepped in with their little shop. 'Well, what's this SASOF III then?' Well, man, Apollo has become far more ambitious, and SASOF III is a fund which the group has just raised $833 million for. 'Amazing!' They're planning more shops, you see. They want to open boutiques all over the Solar System. The moon, Mars, uh, those other moons around Jupiter, all over the place! 'Fucking hell! Are they crazy?' Maybe.

Oh dear. Yes, I think they may be crazy, my dear reader(s). We all know that inner space is the place to be, don't we? 'The astral plane? You've banned it.' I might open it up again, if there's a real demand. 'There is a real demand!' Well, I was going to wait a while. 'Why?' I wanted to get established as a rock and roll shaman first, like our Jimmy. Then I could open up the astral desert again, and maybe even the physical desert, yeah? Unfortunately, I still haven't finished my demo. 'You'll never get it done!' Yes I will! I need more time.

The thing is, spinner(s), my conceptual shit is probably the new inner space, anyway. All we've really got to do is get a-ROUND, get DIZZY, you dig?

I don't know. / Voice? Oh, he's gone. Never mind. After lunch, I'll see what I can do for Apollo. 'No. 356?' Yeah, No. 356. Where were you? 'When?' Just now. 'Nowhere.' All right.


Anything else? Music? I'm listening to ... 'Brian Eno's Apollo - ?!' No, that would be too obvious, Voice. 'Ziggy Stardust - ?!' No. Can't you hear? 'Hang on a minute ...' [Five minutes have passed, reader(s). You know I can't get the staff.] 'Oh, Badfinger, Without You.' Correct! 'Do I win a prize?' No.