Monday, 26 October 2015

Amplitude Capital? [Amplitude Vivace?!]

Er ... it's too early on a cold winter Monday morning for new hedge funds, but - 'Is Amplitude Capital new, boss?' No. 'Oh.' They're launching a new hedge fund, Voice, if you'll let me finish ... 'Okay.' Thank you!

Yes, dear reader(s) [For whom I'm writing this blog, after all. I wouldn't be writing for some halfwit disembodied voice, would I? 'You would if you were nuts, man. Besides, I always thought you wrote for yourself.' Shut up!] Amplitude Capital is, let me see ... Amplitude is a lean organization that concentrates all its efforts on in-house research and development. Our programs seek to provide a good level of downside protection for beta or beta-correlated strategies and a high degree of diversification within the CTA space. 'Great! [I'm none the wiser, dear reader(s)]' / Anyway, Amplitude is launching [er, Swiss-based, I forgot to tell YOU(!)] Amplitude Vivace!!! Yes! It's going to have a cash equity strategy, whatever that is. Oh, I think they're based in Switzerland. 'You've already said that.' Have I? Well, it's Monday morning.

I'm not even in the best of moods, to tell you the truth, reader(s). Uh, I won't go into all of the details ... 'It's just life getting you down.' Yes, I suppose. 'Maybe some music will cheer you up.' Leonard Cohen? 'No, Mikey, not Leonard Cohen.' The sun is shining! 'Well, put some sunny music on then.' All right, hang on ...

Endless Summer. A Beach Boys compilation! 'Don't get carried away, boss!' No, this is fine, Voice. It's great, in fact. Come on, baby, come surfing with me! 'Whatever.'

Nice guitar playing on these early songs. Glen Campbell played some of it. 'The surfing cowboy?! Don't be ridiculous!' It's true! He definitely plays on Fun, Fun, Fun.

Oh, I've forgotten all about Amplitude Capital. [They don't need me!] And I'm feeling the warmth of the sun. 'Are you happy yet?' I'm getting there. / It's amazing how you can change your "state" if you really want to. Tony Robbins knows a thing or two ...

Well, well ... / Er ... Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world!!! ... That's the moral of this blog post, dear reader(s). So, take a lesson from a top-notch surfer boy. 'Er ...' Yes!

I wouldn't mind watching American Graffiti now. Maybe tonight, after the day's work, guitar playing. 'Or even better ... Big Wednesday - ?' It may be a surfing film, Voice, but it's not a great film, in my opinion. Point Break is much better.

One final thing: Be true to your hedge fund, just like you would to your girl, guys. That's my advice. 'Right.'

'Lunch?' I don't know. Probably a cheese sandwich. 'No surprises!' I don't like surprises, man.