Thursday, 1 October 2015

I've looked ...

However, there's no more financial news. So that's it, I'm afraid, dear reader(s). The end of another week. 'There must be some news, boss. A new hedge fund launching, maybe.' No! I've looked, man.

Bloody hell! It's not as if my readers need another story about a new hedge fund launching, is it? Or closing. I don't even understand the fascination with it all, myself. 'They need to know. They need to be tuned in to what's happening.' Why?!

Why?!?! / I could live without the financial news. 'Yeah?' And, one day, I will! Eight and a half years now, this blog, but it can't go on forever. I mean, how much bad karma do I have to burn off? 'You must have been a terrible bastard in your last life.' Shut up, Voice! I'm paying for my peccadilloes. 'Oh, well, make mine a large one.' Ha!

Which reminds me, the pub tomorrow. 'Yippee!' You're not coming. / I went last week, reader(s), but only had two Cokes because of a migraine. I can't even drink any more!

Ah, that's it! Later(s), alligator(s).