Thursday, 15 October 2015

Opimas? Medy Agami, Octavio Marenzi, Cesar Pereira, Axel Pierron ...

Christ! I don't even know where to start. It's a PR email, so ... and I'm not going to research all these guys, LinkedIn, etc., BECAUSE(!) ... quite frankly, dear reader(s), I'm knackered, yeah?

Er ... 'The CEO, boss, Octavio Marenzi.' Oh, right. What does he say? - Opimas is dedicated to a new model in consulting, based on sharing our intellectual capital with our clients and giving them unfettered access to our knowledge base. 'Yeah, what's the business though?' Hang on, Voice, for Christ's sake. - Opimas is a management consultancy focused on capital markets, serving leading financial institutions around the world. Our specialisation allows us to bring our shamanic expertise to bear from the very beginning of projects, to provide mystical insight and occult craft strategies for our clients more quickly, without sacrificing lambs. [Eh?] In addition, Opimas continuously invests considerable resources, representing about one third of our revenues, into market research. This investment allows us to create a pool of intellectual capital on issues of strategic importance to our clients.

And they have offices all over ... Chicago, London, New York, Peckham, and Paris.

Well, I'm sure they're a great bunch of lads.


Music? 'Guitar? Go on!' Oh, just quickly, then. I've mentioned before that the guitar is a bottomless pit, but I'm close to knowing the major and minor pentatonic scales and the blues scale in all the different keys and positions and with all the additional notes. 'Tell them about the Texas blues "sweet" note!' No! They don't want to know about that. Christ! 'Are you going to learn all the modes of scales as well, boss?' Piss off, Voice!

Uh, anything else? 'Ha!' Are you kidding me?! End of the week, my friend(s). I'll be back Monday. 'I bet they'll be counting the hours, Mikey.' Yeah, probably. Nutters!