Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Jason Butler has left Bloomsbury

Well, well ... / Yes, and Jason Butler was the founder. 'The founder?! Why has he left then, boss?' I don't know, Voice. Does it matter? 'Yes! I think it's a bad thing to do, man. What's going to happen to all the people he's left behind?' They'll be okay, I'm sure. 'Really? You're sure? And is Jason reading this?' I don't know. 'Oh, I hate you, Butler!' Leave him alone, you idiot!

Christ! I'm sure Mr Butler has very good reasons for leaving. 'Yeah? What reasons?' Maybe his mum and his sister and his brother-in-law urged him to leave. 'Family reasons?' I don't know, Voice! How am I supposed to know everything?! / Actually, Fundweb has MORE(!!!), if anyone is interested. 'Ha!' But that picture is a bit ridiculous, meaningless. [For reasons I don't understand the picture has gone missing.] 'The picture? Jesus! It could be a picture of anything! Why not a dolphin wearing a hat? Why not -' Shut up, you asshole! I mean ... who exactly is shaking hands with who? Tell me! And why are they doing it? 'Well, it's obviously a picture of a man and a woman, boss.' Obviously. Which one is Jason? 'I wouldn't like to say.' / Well, well ... LinkedIn? Our Jason thinks wealth is a state of mind. 'Ha!' Quite.

[I'm struggling ...] Let's move on. 'Please!' I've been looking at the Bloomsbury website, for my peccadilloes. 'Never mind. What have you got for lunch? Are you having Coke?' Forget my lunch! No one cares ... / Yes, it's a bit confusing, the website. My reader(s), friend(s), I would like to know what Bloomsbury can do for me, and for YOU(!), I really would, but ... all I can see are these strange "core" circles with weird phrases. Totally confusing! Nihilistic wealth plan - ? 'Eh?' Master of disaster - ? 'What?!' Wanking facilities - ?! 'Eh?! Disgusting!!!' Of course, my eyes aren't what they were. / Basically, I don't like the circles, dear reader(s). I find them distracting, you dig?

[I'm hungry ...] Let's get back to Butler. 'LinkedIn?' Well, it says here that wealth is a state of mind. 'We know that already.' Also, in the spring, there is going to be growth. 'Yippee! Oh, that's good, Mikey!' Yeah, yeah. Maybe. I just hope Butler knows what he's talking about. I mean, does he have any financial knowledge at all? 'He must have!' He could be a bus driver.


Lunch? Cheese sandwich. No Coke. Orange juice now. I'm getting healthy! Laters.