Thursday, 22 October 2015

Paul Kelly has joined Bordier as business development manager

Bordier? Er ... The name may be new to some, but Bordier & Cie (UK) PLC is the product of a long relationship between a contemporary British boutique and a grand old Swiss bank. While an understated approach is common to both the British and the Swiss characters, Bordier (UK) manages to differentiate itself through a combination of the best elements of European and British private client investment management. Well, er ... 'Bordier, boss?' I've never heard of them, Voice. It's a total mystery to me.

However, I know Paul Kelly. (He's an old friend of mine. A personal friend, a dear friend. Uh ...) And I know he's still upset about ... Aviva Investors. 'Oh dear. / Shit! Did he work for Aviva Investors then?' No. He worked for Schroders. 'I understand.'

Paul phoned me earlier this morning. This is what was spoken between us: "You all right, Mikey? (Yeah, I'm okay. You?) Not really. (Oh.) Just thought I'd call you, you know? (What's the problem, Paul?) Aviva Investors. (But you left Schroders in June, man!) Yeah, but I'm still bitter. (You've got to let it go.) We did all their work, Mikey! Managed their funds, all the sales, the business development. And what were they doing? (They were in the pub, drinking Stellas. Or in the park, sitting on the grass, eating ice cream. It's the way they are. You won't change them.) It's not fair. (Life isn't fair, son. / Is that why you left Schroders?) Of course it is! I'm not a mug. I don't see why Schroders should have to do all its own work, which is more than enough, believe me ... and then take care of all the Aviva Investors work because they're too fucking lazy to do anything for themselves! (Well, it's not that they're lazy, Paul. They've rejected capitalism.) Oh, right. I see. Ha! Let's all reject capitalism, yeah? Let's all run around, holding hands, and singing songs, and hope that the magic money tree doesn't - (Paul! You're making yourself ill, man. Will you just leave it?! You're at Bordier now. The nightmare is over.)"

Well, dear reader(s), the conversation went on like that for a while. I just hope ... 'He sounds totally traumatized, boss.' He is! That's why I'm going to write a conceptual for him, No. 360, to make him feel better. 'Lunch?' After lunch. 'Yeah, what are you having?' Oh, the usual. Cheese sandwich. / Laters ...