Thursday, 29 October 2015

Nick Tiller? Precocity Capital?

Oh, guess what, dear reader(s) ... 'We've got another new hedge fund on our hands! Yippee!' Hands? Er ... you're just a voice, Voice. 'I've got astral hands, boss.' Whatever.

Yeah, Precocity Capital. It will focus on energy, agriculture, and natural resources. But it won't start trading until next year. And Nick Tiller? 'He's ex-SAC Capital, boss.' Will you let me tell them, Voice?! Please! 'What?!' If you want your own blog, man, they're very easy to start. Just go to on the internet. You can use your astral hands. 'Yeah, yeah. All right. You've made your point. Tell us about Nick.'

Our Nick? Well, I'm looking at his LinkedIn profile. There's not much to say about him, really. He went to Harvard. And Boston College before that. 'Nice.' Not much else.

What fascinates me though, is all these ex-SAC guys who think it's the easiest thing in the world to start a new hedge fund. 'Mikey, they see that Stevie managed it, so they think, If a big goofball like Stevie Cohen can do it, I can.' Ha! I'm sure they don't think that, Voice. I imagine working with a genius like Stevie has given them the confidence to push themselves further, you know? 'To be all they can be, you mean?' Yeah, something like that.


Anything else? 'Zoom thingy!' Oh, good news! I finally got my Zoom H2n Handy Recorder yesterday (a replacement parcel, the other one got lost somewhere). 'Great!' I'm really pleased with it. The sound quality is awesome. I reckon my old microphone was focusing on my vocals while making my guitar sound like shit. 'Oh no.' However, this new device has four microphones that you can use in different combinations and with loads of different settings. 'Brilliant!' So, I'm a bit more enthusiastic about recording my songs now.

Music? I'm listening to the best AC/DC album, Powerage. Amazing guitar solos/riffs! / Me? Er ... I might not be too far away from Angus Young, in terms of skill. Give me another six months, reader(s). 'You should be more like Malcolm Young, Mikey. You need rhythm guitar for your demo, man.' I know, I know. But lead guitar is just so much fun, you dig?

Lunch? Luxury egg sandwich from the petrol station. 'Wow!' I deserve it.