Thursday 2 July 2020


Just a short post. I'm busy and distracted today. Never mind, eh?

My songs? Sometimes I play three of my best songs at random. [Earlier I played ... And Rain Came Down, Stella, and Nothing.] And then I think to myself, "That's enough, actually, for a career. Most songwriters would be pleased with just those three songs." Then I imagine playing the other four songs. Oh, I don't play them, no! I just imagine I'm playing them, with my eyes shut, like. Then I imagine I'm playing We'll Show Them Heaven. The complete song, even though the lyric isn't finished yet. Finally, I fantasize about the two new songs I need ... What do they sound like? I mean, what will they sound like? And how can I make them exist?

The morals of the story? One: You need to be a visionary. Two: Art is war! So, don't have weak visions.