Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Refinitiv: Lipper European ETF market report - H1 2020

Okay, okay. PR email, obviously. From our, uh ... anyway.  'What?!' This is the, uh ... H1 European ETF market report from the Lipper team at Refinitiv - 'Great, boss!' Yes, Voice. The first half of the year.

The promoters of ETFs in Europe experienced net inflows of €17.4 bn over the first half of 2020.
The assets under management in the European ETF industry (€830.0 bn) decreased over the course of 2020 so far.
Bond ETFs (+€16.4 bn) posted the highest net inflows in the European ETF industry for the first half of 2020.
Masters of War.
The best-selling Lipper global classification for June was Equity Global (+€4.9 bn), followed by Bond Global Corporates USD (+€4.9 bn) and Bond USD (+€3.3 bn).
iShares was the best-selling ETF promoter in Europe for the first half of 2020 (+€13.4 bn), ahead of Vanguard Group (+€3.9 bn) and Xtrackers (+€2.6 bn bn).
The Average Total Expense Ratio (TER) of ETFs in Europe fell one basis point (bp) to 0.33%.
Optimized Replication was the preferred index replication method in Europe.

And that all makes perfect sense, doesn't it? 'What about the attachment?' I don't need no attachment. That little bit is enough for me. 'But what about Detlef?! Aren't you going to let him speak?' Of course I'm going to let him speak, silly!

Come on, Detlef!

[Actually, I've just had a quick look at the attachment. Christ! It's sixteen pages of charts. 'Ha!' Exactly.]

Come on, Detlef!

Detlef Glow, Lipper Head of EMEA Research at Refinitiv, comments: "ETFs enjoyed inflows over the first six months of 2020 even as the economic and political developments over the course of the first half of the year were distinguished by the outbreak of The Thing and the resulting lockdowns of the leading economies. That said, March 2020 was one of the few months during which ETFs faced outflows as European investors switched to risk-off mode and respectively sold risky assets from their portfolios.

"Even as the economic outcome from the lockdowns is still unclear, investors returned to risky assets as governments and central banks started to stimulate the economies around the globe. This stimulus led to increasing stock markets and falling interest rates. That said, the inflows in ETFs could not offset the negative performance of underlying markets, which led to a decrease in assets under management from €870.0 bn as of December 31, 2019, to €830.0 bn at the end of June 2020. As stated above, the decrease of €40.0 bn for the first half of 2020 was driven by the negative performance of the underlying markets (-€57.4 bn), while the net inflows contributed €17.4 bn to the assets under management."

Well, well. Eh?



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