Thursday, 9 July 2020

Of course, our Jinksy only cares about parcels ...

Yeah. PR email, from yesterday. Look - 

Forget tax and spend: this was the 'tax cuts and send' mini-budget for home deliveries, says ParcelHero.

The home delivery expert ParcelHero says Chancellor Sunak's emergency financial statement contained welcome relief for Britain's hard-pressed SME manufacturers and retailers.

Today's emergency 'mini-budget' from Chancellor Rishi Sunak will do much to help small business, logistics companies and retailers struggling to survive the impact of The Thing says the small business champion ParcelHero. It believes the schemes he revealed will boost High Street and multichannel businesses and reduce costs for struggling manufacturers.

Okay, okay. The thing is ... we were all expecting a £500 voucher to spend anywhere we like, but we ended up with £10 off a meal in Wetherspoons. I mean ... !!! Do you know what I mean, dear reader(s)? 'Boss, pubs and restaurants do deals on meals - ha! deals on meals - Mondays to Wednesdays, anyway.' I know, Voice. It's a con. And a lot of people can't afford to eat out, even with a discount. 'People are using food banks.' Yeah. And The Thing hasn't gone away, has it? I tell you, I ain't going to no pubs for me dinner. 'You're staying in bed with medinner.' What? Not your dinner, Voice. 'No. That TV programme.' Oh, right. Yeah. In Bed With Medinner. Ha!

Anyway ...

ParcelHero's Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT says: "Britain's retailers and the logistics companies they rely on will find plenty to welcome in today's financial statement. A new jobs retention bonus of £1,000 for businesses who bring staff out of furlough and retain them through to January will give companies the funding to retain valuable (currently furloughed) employees, such as warehouse and back office staff preparing orders for delivery."

Ah, that's enough. Thanks, Jinksy. / Listen! It's all for the bosses, man. It's all for employers. Your average Joe in the street is going to be in a world of pain soon, the next few months, and the chancellor will have to come back with something bigger and better if he wants to stop society breaking down. An unemployment rate of 15 percent will be no joke. And that's what we could be facing if there's a second wave of The Thing.



Anything else? Music? Right. I really like David Gray's Babylon, BUT(!) I have to say ... my Stella and, and ... And Rain Came Down are better. Does this mean I am putting too much pressure on myself, expecting to write two more songs that good before the end of the year?

Ha! No, no, no ... NO - !!! And I'll explain why. To become a great artist you've got to put an insane amount of pressure on yourself. A lot of music artists complain about their record companies or managers demanding more hits, more success, etc, etc. However, there isn't a record company or manager in the world that can match me with my own internal pressure, you dig? External pressure ain't shit. True masters of reality don't even notice it.

Stay hard!