Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Music, I suppose

I've only got one PR email ...

What's going on?!

Never mind.

We'll have to talk about music ...

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt I bought six vinyl copies of Bryan Ferry's Another Time, Another Place.

Why would I do that?

(There's a fox outside, making a noise. Or it might be that squirrel who lives on the roof. I can't be bothered to look.)

Never mind.

Anyway ... The Future, Life and Death, and And Rain Came Down should all be on my second album.

That's great, obviously, but I'll need two more songs like Mighty Soul and Shady, Dodgy, Shifty.

Two classic albums would set me up BIG TIME.

That's where The Stone Roses went wrong ...

And where Oasis went right ... Definitely Maybe and (What's The Story) Morning Glory?

I've said it before ... if The Stone Roses had released a second album full of songs like Fools Gold and Something's Burning they would have become gods!

'What about Ian Brown's singing at gigs, boss?'

Well ... I saw a video on YouTube the other week where he was singing quite nicely at one concert. However, his general singing would have stopped the band becoming really massive - especially in America.

It just wasn't to be, I suppose.

Having said that ... when you're the Napoleon of rock and roll ... you find a way to improve, you dig?

'Go, go, go!'

What, Voice?

'That vocal exercise you do. / Are you still doing it?'

Of course! Five days a week. Ten minutes in the morning, and ten minutes in the afternoon.

Out of all my recordings ... the "rough" recording of Shady, Dodgy, Shifty has my best vocal performance so far. It's as good as Ed Sheeran or Chris Martin or anyone like that. All the "smooth" guys, you dig? Let's hope I can do it again for the demo.

The good news is ... I'm a million miles away from the 2016 demo, man.

Anyway ...

I shouldn't have done those dumbbells yesterday. My shoulder is aching. Never mind.

Do you know ... I haven't had a veggie burger for a whole month? I don't know why. No particular reason. It's just one of those things.

I'll be having one tonight though.



What, Voice?

'Say something motivational before you go.'


'For the readers.'

Oh, Christ.

Er ... 


'Bye, kooks!'