Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Brian Hunter pays $750,000 for the privilege of not trading any more

Sounds like a strange deal, don't it? Why would anyone pay money not to trade? 'Don't be silly, boss. It's a fine. Brian Hunter has been fined $750,000 by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission for attempting to manipulate natural gas futures prices - according to them.' Oh. 'Amaranth Advisors collapsed because of it. Years ago! 2006!' Ah, the apple trees! When the world was young, et cetera. / So, is Brian banned from trading? 'I'm not sure, man. It's very confusing. I think he's banned from some trading.' Some? Not all? 'I don't know.' / Well, well, well ... dear reader(s), you don't come here for the facts anyway, do you? You come here for the rock and roll, the laughs, the great artistry, and my astonishing charisma.

Er ... where are we now? That's enough finance.

Politics?! Scotland? Oh, all right. If you insist. / I fear David Cameron has left it too late. The emotion, and tears. If Cameron had wanted to keep Scotland in the Union he would have been more careful with his government's policies. Basically, he has been serving the top 1 per cent of society for the last four years. Millions of "normal" people all over the United Kingdom are pissed off. Unfortunately, some of those millions now have a chance to leave the misery (I mean the Conservative party) behind. / I hope Scotland doesn't vote for independence, mainly because of the mess that will be made. But let's see what happens, eh? Only two days to go!


Anything else? ... / Well, I tried writing a conceptual post last night - in my sleep! I'm serious, man. I dreamt it! And I can still remember the title. (I'm not going to use it because it's not very good. Dream-writing is overrated, if you ask me.) A funny thing though ... there was this annoying man looking over my shoulder while I was working on the post. He was like a retired major at the bar in a golf club. You know the sort of person. UKIP supporter, that type. Was he a symbol? 'The dead soul of conservatism, Mikey!' Not bad, Voice!