Thursday, 4 September 2014

DMC Partners isn't launching a fund after all

Which is fine, I reckon. Totally fine. We can't have everyone launching funds, can we? I mean, there's a three-legged cat in my street, and he hasn't launched a fund. (Imagine if he did!) / Obviously, it's a disappointment for the guys involved - Edward Eisler, Sam Wisnia and Chris Barter (all ex-Goldman), and Philippe Costeletos and the legendary Ken Costa. / Personally, I think they're well out of it. The rumour is, they're not even active at the moment, you know, in finance. Perfect! Nothing wrong with that at all.

The fact is, these guys have loads of cash, they're all rich, and you can get a pretty good Stratocaster or Telecaster for £500/£600. (I'll only be getting a cheap Tele, myself, for around £140.) So, my advice to the guys is: Do what David Essex did! I'm talking about the final scene of That'll Be The Day where he buys a guitar. The man in the shop says to him, "Right, sure you'll be able to handle it?" and Essex replies, "Yeah, I'll be all right." That's what I'm going to do when I go to Argos soon. (As long as the staff play along, of course.)


Oh, I'm worn out. End of the week, eh? Pub, more guitar playing. Hopefully, there'll be a bit of sun.

See you later, crocodile(s)!