Thursday, 11 September 2014

Will the Scottish people listen to Justin Urquhart-Stewart?

Take a look at this, dear reader(s). Well, well, well ... / If the Scottish people are going to listen to anyone, it's going to be to a double-barrelled banker-type with red braces, ain't it? This is a stroke of genius! Where has Justin Urquhart-Stewart been hiding all this time? The Pro-Union Campaign or Better Together People or Tomorrow's People or whatever they're called certainly missed a trick not using him sooner.


On a more serious note, I'm pissing off down the pub today, down by the river with Oliver Cromwell's ghost. (Actually, I've already been. I wrote this earlier but couldn't post it because the mobile dongle twats were being twats again. And I'm talking about a different company this time. They're all as bad as each other. Twats!) So there will be no more posts today. I'll be back tomorrow. No. 250? Tomorrow! Be patient!