Thursday, 25 September 2014

Who on earth is Tineke Frikkee?!

Well, she's a girl, and she manages a fund. Is there anything else you need to know, dear reader(s)? 'They want more than that, boss.' All right. Tineke manages a fund for Smith & Williamson. The UK Equity Income Trust. She's only managing £8 million now. Nothing like the billions she used to manage at Newton Investment Management. But she don't care! 'Why?! Why don't she care, Mikey?' She don't care, Voice, because at Smith & Williamson they leave her alone to do her own thing. 'Oh. Were they disciplined at Newton, then?' You bet your ass they were, boy. 'I don't have an ass. I don't have a body, man.' Let's not get into that now. The point I'm making is, our Tineke is a free spirit. If I were still taking on financial shamans, she would make a pretty good one. She doesn't want anyone telling her what to do, you dig? And she wants some excitement! She wants to feel alive! Merely delivering a dividend? Forget about it. That's for squares, man. Tineke is the sort of chick that gets her kicks finding a balance between capital gains and an interesting yield.


And Smith & Williamson? Er ... I've only written about the firm once before, when the lost soul Philip Lawlor joined them. This is from their website: Our prime aim is to help our clients achieve their ambitions, both corporate and personal. Our clients are varied - private individuals, mid-large businesses, professional practices and non-profit organizations. / 'Impressive, Mikey. I particularly like the "personal" bit.' So do I. There aren't many financial firms that will help you learn the guitar. 'Eh?' Well, it doesn't have to be the guitar, Voice. It can be anything. Any personal ambition you've got, they'll help you with it. A totally free service as well, surprisingly. 'Are they crazy?!' They're just really nice people, man. Not everyone who works in finance is a monster, you know.


And in other news? Er ... maybe later, reader(s), tonight, yeah? / Oh, I've been watching Max Keiser a lot more lately, on RT. I actually think he might be the best financial journalist around. I don't know if he's saying the things that Putin wants him to say, but he seems to be telling the TRUTH(!) about the world - as far as I know or can imagine (the truth). He doesn't have three chords though. He doesn't have a guitar. Never mind. The TRUTH(!) is enough ... !