Thursday, 4 September 2014

Who on earth is Blake Hutchins?!

Yes, yes ... / Who on earth is Blake Hutchins? 'Er ... / Wasn't he a superspy in the Sixties, Mikey?' No. 'What?! Not in the movies?' No. Shut up, you idiot! / ... / Well, my dear reader(s), I can tell you that Blake's "return" is 5.8 per cent. Whatever that means. (You'll have to ask Citywire if you don't know.) Slight ... or not? Voodoo? It doesn't matter. / Er ... Simon Brazier is a mate of his. 'Really?' Oh yeah, big time. They were working at Threadneedle together, but now they've done a runner to Investec Asset Management. 'How did that happen, boss?' Well ... Simon said he was leaving and then Blake got upset, incredibly upset. 'Oh dear.' So Simon said, Why don't you come with me, Blake? 'Ah!' And then Blake started jumping up and down like a little puppy, full of joy. (That's what I've heard, anyway. My spies are everywhere.) 'Amazing! That's loyalty for you!' Is it? 'No, it's love, man. True love.' I wouldn't like to say ...

Er ... uh. / David Aird at Investec is happy, for once. Which is strange because I thought he didn't like rock stars. 'Blake is a superspy, I tell you!' Shut up, Voice! For Christ's sake! / Mr Aird says, "Simon has an excellent UK equities track record. Superb! He's such a great man! Positioning him alongside Alastair Mundy and his, er, complementary value team provides our clients with a compelling choice of UK equity-centric funds that strengthens our market position and relevance." You see, he loves Simon. Everyone loves Simon! 'What did Mr Aird say about Blake?' Nothing. Nothing at all. 'Oh.' Maybe he's the forgotten man, our Blake. It's something I should look into ... after lunch, of course.

Yes, after lunch. No. 248. I don't want to get DIZZY on an empty stomach.