Monday, 29 September 2014

Richard Plackett is returning to BlackRock!

Christ. Jesus. I've been looking through my archive, reader(s) ... / Our Richie was a shaman, you know? I never knew (well, I did) but he knew the desert. Years went by. Richie popped up in my consciousness again. 'Like a bad penny, boss.' I wouldn't say that, Voice. / Oh yes, he popped up ... again, in March of this year. He wanted a sabbatical - of all things. 'Ha!' No one knew what he would be doing. 'But we knew!' Yes, we knew. We arranged it. For the last six months Richie has been getting a-ROUND, No. 199. 'So ... DIZZY!' Now, we've released him. He's returning to BlackRock next month - a new man!

Well, I have been speaking to our Richie, and this is what was spoken between us: 'Mikey, I'm a new man, thanks to you. (Yeah. The funny thing, Richie, is that six months ago I thought I was dealing with you for the first time. I had forgotten that you'd been a financial shaman for years.) Don't worry about it. I was never a big player. Just one of the little guys. Why should you remember one of the little guys in the world of mystical capitalism? (I still feel bad about it though. / How was your sabbatical?) Wild, man. Totally wild. If someone had told me six months ago ... "Richie, you'll be spending the next six months spinning a-ROUND inside one of Mikey Fowke's conceptual posts," I would have said they were insane, utterly insane. (Yeah. But you've done it, son. How do you think it compares to the desert?) What?! It pisses all over the desert, man. Like a lot of shamans, I was pretty upset when you shut down the desert. We thought you had lost it, frankly. Now we realize you were only moving on to greater glories. You're a genius, Mr Fowke. (Thanks, Richie. That means a lot.) I just hope I can keep my head straight at BlackRock. I'll be managing the UK Special Situations fund again, with Roland Arnold. (What's he like?) Bit of a square. Nice guy, of course. However, I won't be telling him about the conceptual shit.'

Well, well, well ... eh? Another success for the world's foremost financial shaman!