Thursday, 25 September 2014

Christopher Rokos?

Er ... Chris Rokos? Oh, God. I'll be honest with you, dear reader(s), I'm absolutely knackered, yeah? I'm writing this blog, living my life, squeezing in my guitar playing whenever I can, so ... / At least I can go to the pub tomorrow, down by the river. I haven't seen Oliver Cromwell's ghost yet. He used to drink in this pub, no shit. (When he was alive, of course. The ghost wasn't drinking in the pub. Imagine that!) / So, er, Chris Rokos? 'Come on, boss!' Right. Let's get this done, quickly. Mr Rokos used to be a partner at Brevan Howard - a founding partner, believe it or not. 'Ha!' (It's not funny.) But he left with a non-compete agreement, you see. 'Oh, big mistake, Mikey! Why did he sign it?' He wasn't thinking straight, man, I suppose. 'Bloody hell. Fool! Educated at Oxford, was he?' MA, Mathematics. 'Ha!' / The problem is, he runs a family office now ... you know, with his mum and dad and aunts and uncles helping out, however - 'They're cramping his style, yeah?' Yes. That's exactly what they're doing. Chris wants to get away from all that family crap and start a proper hedge fund. 'And Brevan Howard won't let him? Christ!' It's a cruel world, Voice. There's going to be a court case next year. It's been delayed.


Well, I hope it all works out. I really don't know who's right and who's wrong. I just hate to see people fighting. We need to make love not war, you dig?

Anyway, that's it for this week. Laters.