Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Neil Madden or Madden Neil has left Fidelity

It all depends on whom you believe. Do you believe LinkedIn, dear reader(s)? No, I thought not. As I have long suspected some degenerate has been making up profiles on LinkedIn. The question is: WHY?! Why on earth would someone spend their time on such nonsense? 'Maybe it's Neil who did it, boss.' Oh, and why, my lovely Voice, would Neil want to call himself "Madden Neil"? 'I don't know, man. Maybe he's mental. Or at least a little bit eccentric.' Yeah, maybe.

Christ! It doesn't bear thinking about. Is Neil Madden mental? Is he a little bit eccentric? Does this explain why he's left Fidelity and is now seriously considering moving to Australia? Why would he want to stop managing his European Value fund? Why is he calling himself Madden Neil? It's basically Mad Neil, ain't it? Jesus H. Christ! / Yeah, this is what finance does to people. Neil was at Fidelity for twelve years, man. 'That's long enough to disturb anyone's mind, Mikey.' What a nightmare!

And you wonder, dear reader(s), why I'm moving out of the financial shamanism game and into the rock and roll shamanism game. This is why! Syd Barrett at his very worst never went around calling himself Barrett Syd, did he? Fucking hell!

Well, Neil, mate, if you're reading this, good luck with your MBA, and good luck with your new life in Australia (if you're serious about it). Shine on you crazy diamond!


Anything else? Well, lunch, then No. 249. I'll be taking Panos Theofilopoulos for a spin. Or Theofilopoulos Panos. He's taking over Neil's fund at Fidelity.

I'll try to squeeze some guitar playing in today. Wednesdays and Thursdays are big blogging days, but the rest of the week(s) I'm gonna be like Coltrane or Hendrix. It's the nuclear option. I don't give a shit any more. My guitar is my life, you dig?