Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Geoff Galbraith is a strange one

Er ... it makes no sense. / Geoff is going to be the new chief operating officer of Man Group. He was (or still is, was) the chief operating officer of ... GLG. 'Right.' But he used to work at Man Group as ... head of product and trading operations. 'Yeah.' I'm just so confused! 'Why? What's the big deal, boss? They're the same firm anyway, aren't they?' Er ... not really, Voice. GLG is where all the cool shamans and mystics are, and Man Group is where all the square robot computer-types are. 'Well, Man Group keeps poaching the GLG guys because it knows it's on the wrong side of history.' Yeah, but why can't Geoff make his mind up? Is he one of the cool guys, or one of the squares?

Words are like treacle ... / There's just a lot of confusion, in general, at Man Group/GLG. I mean, it's something I feel, you dig, dear reader(s), yeah? A sort of vibe, man. / I can't understand Manny Roman these days. What's he doing about all the confusion (in my head)? 'Nothing!' He's adding to the misery, that's what he's doing. This Simon White ... character retires, and all Manny can say is, We wish Simon well in his retirement. He was instrumental in providing Man Group with a robust platform from which to operate, and creating a highly competent and efficient operational and technology team. 'Ha!' Technology?! What?! Who gives a fuck about technology?! 'They've changed him.' Why did Manny even become chief executive of Man Group? 'Oh, more money, more power. These people are sick.' Christ. And whatever happened to Noam Gottesman? 'I don't know.' Maybe he saw sense, which is more than I'm seeing. 'They're the likely lads, Mikey, eh?' Maybe.


They're all on the wrong side of history now. These ... Man Group, GLG ... It doesn't matter. Any bank or hedge fund. 'It's a new era, son!' Rock and roll shamanism is where it's at. 'Let's rock!' Jim must be laughing his head off, in his grave, What took you so long? 'On the astral plane, man, surely?' My decision, obviously. 'What you say goes, Mikey. You're the boss, ... boss, boss.' Yes, I'm in control, Voice. / You know, I practiced the guitar for four and a half hours yesterday. 'Wow!' My fingers are on fire! 'Yeah?' Not literally. I'm talking ... moving faster, jumping around, ready for anything!

I need to get my head clear, clean, fresh as a daisy. Er ... No. 247 might help. After lunch, yeah, after the cheese sandwich, and yoghurt, and tea. No Coke today. I'm thinking about my teeth.

I'm confident No. 247 will get all the shit out of mind. 'Or add to it, Mikey.' No, no, no ...