Monday, 8 September 2014


This ain't about finance. No, no, no. Cut me some slack, reader(s), for Christ's sake! I'm in pieces! There'll be financial news on Wednesday. Come back then. RIGHT NOW, I got the blues ... got them real bad. / THE NUCLEAR OPTION!!! / What's the nuclear option? It's playing the guitar the way John Coltrane played the saxophone. I mean around the clock, open all hours, we never close, 24/7, this mutha is serious. I mean falling asleep with the guitar in your hands, yeah? Why?! Oh, well, well ... three or four hours guitar practice a day ain't cutting it. I've just tried recording my songs again, and I'm not happy. I'm bloody miserable, in fact. Too many mistakes, and bad vibes!

What am I going to do?! / A Telecaster might help. I need to break out of this rut. I need to get crazy!

Of course, I could go back to the piano. [NO!] I used to play when I was younger, teenage years, and it's piss-easy compared to the guitar. Life on Mars? - ? Or some Chopin shit? No problem! I can do that! Alas, I don't like the look of piano-based singer/songwriters. Too GODDAMN square! Christ! Who would want to be Neil Sedaka or Gary Barlow, sitting down, tinkling the ivories, uh, when you can set fire to your guitar and kiss the sky like Jimi Hendrix? Ha! It's a fucking no-brainer, man! And Hendrix was just like Coltrane, obsessed.

Hey ... Joe!

This is a crisis, but, but ... / Tomorrow, I'm not touching my guitar, no, tomorrow, and I'm not writing my blog, no, tomorrow. I'm going out SOMEWHERE to get my head straight, you dig? I need to think about the future. And I need to relax a bit. It's beyond a joke! I need a drink.

I gotta be a voodoo child!

[Oh, by the way, I'm not going to use Martin 80/20 bronze strings any more. I put some on today and they can't compare to the D’Addario phosphor bronze ones. Unfortunately, I have six packs of them. Anyone want to buy some guitar strings? They're not that bad.]