Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Andrew Archer has left Man Group for BlueBay Asset Management!

Yeah. Gone! / Which I think is great news because Andy was the global head of technology at Man Group. Hopefully, he's taken all his infernal computers and other technology with him to BlueBay so that the Man Group guys can become proper human beings now (and shamans?) working with their brains, you dig? 'God gave them brains for a reason, boss.' Of course He did, Voice!

Oh, er ... by the way, dear reader(s), at BlueBay, our Andy is called the chief technology officer. 'Is that as good as before?' No, I don't think it is. You see, before, Man Group had the decency to call him the global head. 'Christ. Yeah.' Now ... ha, well, he's just some chief. 'Oh dear.' I mean, he could be the chief of a small area, like, er ... 'Like a cupboard where they keep all the mops, dusters and that?' Yeah, that's the problem. At least at Man Group Andy had some idea of the size of his domain. 'The whole world!' Yes. A massive place. And he was the head of it! 'Maybe BlueBay has made him the chief of the cosmos, Mikey.' I doubt it very much, Voice. / No, what Andy needs to do is, he needs to clear this matter up. He should storm into Luc Leclercq's office (the chief operating officer at BlueBay who is supposed to be all delighted and shit at Andy's joining the firm) and say, Luc, mate, this isn't acceptable. I want to be global, man! Where's my global title?! Have some fucking respect!!! 'That'll do it.' The thing is, if you don't stand up for yourself in this world, people will walk right over you. Andy has got to grow a pair and get this situation sorted today!


Actually, I have an idea ... 'What?' Wait until after lunch, Voice. I'm thinking big now. A big idea!


Music? I have Nirvana on, In Utero. However, I'm not really in the mood for them, so ... The Jesus and Mary Chain? Yeah! Darklands.

Lunch? Cheese ... cheese ... ‘Soup?’ Sandwich, idiot!

Guitar? Well, I'm still considering five hours a day. It might be difficult on heavy blogging days, Wednesdays and Thursdays. But sleep is for losers, ain't it? Prince only sleeps three hours a night. / Oh, man, I was watching some clips last night of Prince playing guitar in concert. I don't think I'm too far away from him. You know, speed and accuracy and all that. I need to master vibrato and bending to pitch though. (And I need to practice with a backing track.) If I do the five hour thing, I'm confident that six months from now I'll be a bad rockin' mutha in the free world.