Monday, 10 November 2014

Some hedge funds are helping RadioShack out

They're trying to save the retailer. Yeah, buying loans or something. I don't know. Is that a good idea? / I had a few RadioShack things when I was a kid. I remember a truck on a wire. It had to have a wire attached. They couldn't manage a proper radio-controlled one, I suppose. Well, I wasn't too impressed. Not even at the age of seven or eight.

So, RadioShack is in trouble. Christ. Join the club, RadioShack! Oh, Great Britain is in trouble, too. Apparently, only half the austerity cuts have happened yet. 'There's going to be more?! How about getting the corporations to pay a bit of tax for a change?' Shut it, you communist bastard! Only slaves pay tax. You can't ask big firms like Amazon and Vodafone to pay their way. Are you insane?! 'Someone is. Stop the world, boss! I want to get off.' Voice, the world goes a-ROUND and a-ROUND. One day, we will all get off. However, the earth will continue. Remember the dinosaurs? 'Yeah.' They thought they were all that, the bee's knees. And look what happened to them!


It's the sun we should be worried about, dear reader(s). It won't last forever. When it goes, you can kiss goodbye to your Mozart and Shakespeare. 'It's an ill wind, Mikey!' Exactly.

Dinosaurs, humans ... / There are too many slags in this world with an exaggerated idea of what human beings are. I think the confusion stems from that nonsense about God making human beings in His own image. 'Ha!' God isn't human, and He hasn't made shit in His own image because He doesn't have a fucking image. God is pure spirit, pure consciousness, you dig?


Music? / My fingers are aching. How's that for music, man? 'Explain yourself, boss.' I've been playing the guitar a lot. 'How much is a lot?' A very a lot.

'Lunch?' / Have you ever known me not to have lunch? Of course I'm having lunch! But I haven't been to the shop yet. It'll probably be a cheese sandwich.

Enough already!