Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Marino Valensise works for a bank that doesn't exist!

I'm finding more and more of these strange people. What's really bizarre is that most of them weren't left behind after Barings collapsed in 1995. No, most of them joined afterwards! How?! Who hired them? A con man? If so, why did they fall for it?

It's a sad story. Marino Valensise has been working at Barings Bank since 1999. He was taken on as head of credit and was later promoted to head of the fixed income and currency team. Then he became the chief investment officer. Today, he claims to be head of the multi-asset group. His fantasies seem to be unstoppable.

By the way, do you remember Percival Stanion, dear reader(s)? Our Percy thought he was head of the multi-asset group at Barings. And what happened to him, eh? Jesus Christ! He had a breakdown when he discovered that Barings Bank didn't exist. The last I heard he was selling matches at the end of the street. Apparently, it's the only work he can get now.

So, let men like Marino and Percival (and women like Dagmar) be a warning to you. If you are ever approached by some fucking scumbag who claims to be hiring for Barings, run a mile! Run for your life, yeah? You'll thank me for it.


Lunch? Well, egg sandwich, if it's any of your business, which I'm pretty sure it ain't. I'm also having McCoy's man crisps, cheese and onion flavour. And a yoghurt, strawberry. And a can of Coke. (I haven't been able to give up the Coke yet.)

No. 265? Er ... later, after lunch, and into the evening. / I'll be taking our Marino for a spin. Maybe I'll be able to spin some reality into him. Not normal reality, of course. My kind of reality. But that's better than nothing.

Music? I'm listening to John Mayall's Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton - yet again. It's a good album, man. Clapton was only twenty-one at the time. It's the standard of guitar playing I would like to reach. It might be possible, and soon - end of next year?