Thursday, 20 November 2014

Neil Phillips has left BlueBay Asset Management!

Well, well ... / Last Thursday it was BlueCrest, this Thursday it's BlueBay. What will it be next Thursday? 'I think you're running out of blue firms, boss.' Yeah, it's a sad time. Never mind. Life goes on!

Anyway, this Neil character. He wants to start his own hedge fund. 'Oh, not another one! Why are these fund managers so ambitious, Mikey?' I don't know, Voice. I mean, half these funds fail. It's not the easy option, is it? 'No. / What is Neil's fund going to be called?' It doesn't have a name yet. 'Oh dear. / When is he going to launch it?' Er, next August, I think, at the earliest. 'Oh dear oh dear! / I hope this isn't another classic case of pie in the sky.' Give him a chance, man. Bloody hell! Neil has only just resigned from BlueBay. / By the way, dear reader(s), BlueBay is shutting his Global Macro fund and returning money to investors. 'Why, for God's sake?!' Oh, I don't know. Spite? Bitterness? It seems they want to erase all traces of Neil. 'Ha! Like burning an old lover's letters!' Yeah. Something like that.


Anything else? Pub tomorrow. / Well ... music? I'm listening to Cream again. I absolutely love Clapton's solo at the end of White Room. Also, Crossroads (live) is brilliant all the way through. / Clapton has got to be the greatest living guitarist. There are other guitarists who are more technically skilled, but our Eric is just ... classy! / And we have to take into consideration his historical position as the man who more or less invented modern rock guitar playing a year or two before Hendrix arrived on the scene.

See you next week.