Monday, 17 November 2014

Lonestar Capital is to become a family office

Yeah, it's a smart move by the founder, Jerome Simon, closing Lonestar to investors. All that horrible outside capital! Ugh ... (Will the family office still be called Lonestar? Oh, I have no idea.) It's what I would do if I had a hedge fund and a bit of money. It's too much hassle having clients because you've got to please them all the time - and who wants to do that?

Well, well ... Jerome can truly be his own man now. If he wants to, he can take the day off. He can go for a walk in the park, or go for a drink. No one's going to have a go at him for slacking off. If he wants to play golf all day, who's going to stop him? 'Maybe his wife, if he's married, boss.' Oh, hello, Voice. You're awake then? 'Just about. / Have you seen this Jerome's LinkedIn profile?' No. Why? 'It's one of these dodgy ones, I reckon. It just says, Jerome Simon, managing member at Lonestar Capital Management LLC. And only one connection!' Ha! 'Yeah. It sounds like he's a member of this fund and is just managing to keep it all together.' There may be some truth in that, man. Jerome must be knackered.

Well, he can have a nice rest for a few years ... until he gets the hedge fund fever again. / Good luck, Jerome!


Anything else? Er ...

Music? I'm listening to 10cc ... for reasons best known to myself. They're all right, I suppose. The Wall Street Shuffle - !

[Give me a minute or two to go through my media player. This really isn't Monday morning music. ('It's doing my head in, Mikey.' You haven't got a head.) Ah! Songs of Love and Hate. Leonard Cohen! 'Much better!' Yeah.]

That's a funeral in the mirror, and it's stopping at your face. That's right. It's come to this.


Lunch? Give me a break, dear reader(s). You don't need to know what I'm having every day. 'Tell them what you had on Friday.' Triple-cooked chips. 'How the other half live!' Gourmet shit!