Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Who on earth is Whitney George?!

I'm really not in the mood for this, but ... well, for starters, Whitney is a man. Yes! That may be upsetting for some of you, but you'll just have to deal with it. The world has changed. We're not living in the dark ages any more. This is the twenty-first century, for Christ's sake!

These people ... / Anyway, our Whitney is leaving Royce & Associates to ... go somewhere else, I suppose. Another job. It's no big deal. People move on all the time. New opportunities! / Whitney has been the deputy manager on the Legg Mason US Smaller Companies fund. 'Ha!' What, Voice? What's so amusing? 'It's like Schroders with Aviva Investors, ain't it? Oh, I'll never understand. Why can't these firms manage their own funds, eh?' Because, man ... Why manage a fund when you could be having fun? 'Oh. / Is that what they say?' It's what they say at Aviva Investors. I don't know about Legg Mason.


That's enough finance. Already.

Music? / I practiced my guitar for five hours yesterday, dear reader(s), which is what Jeff Beck recommends. It's only the third time I've played that much in a single day. I just wish I could do it every day because you really make progress. I learnt a few new things, new notes, and scale positions, etc, and by the fifth hour I was rockin' in the free world as good as anybody. Certainly better than Neil Young! (He's not too impressive on lead. Single note solos, mostly. Often out of key.) 'You're not knocking Neil Young, are you?!' No. He's a great songwriter.

Recording? My songs?! Oh, I don't know when I'll do that. Stop putting pressure on me. At least I'm getting good on the guitar, man. My life is so chaotic, that's the problem. 'Aristotle Onassis, Mikey.' Yes, Voice, I was just coming to him. Onassis said something like, You have to learn to sail in high seas ... or ... You have to fly in, er, windy weather. 'Eh?' Something like that, Voice. The point he was making is, there's never going to be a time when everything is smooth and perfect in your life. You just have to get on with it.

I'm getting on with it. Laters.