Thursday, 13 November 2014

Why is BlueCrest Capital moving to Jersey?

From Guernsey, of all places! / Well ... I had no idea that BlueCrest was in Guernsey. ('What kind of financial blog is this?!' Shut it!) I thought it had moved to Geneva from London. I mean, the headquarters. I can't keep up!

Anyway, Jersey. Why Jersey? It must be Bergerac. 'What?!' Obviously, the BlueCrest gang have been watching it. 'Yeah?' Oh yeah. Great minds think alike. I've been watching repeats of Bergerac on the Drama Channel, and Jersey looks a lovely place. Lots of crime, unfortunately, but still ... you can't have everything.


Oh, what's all this FX stuff, eh? I've missed the story. 'You've been ignoring it, boss.' Yes, that's true. I've been ignoring the story. My soul can only take so much finance. / Has Barclays got to pay a big fine? 'It might have to. A very big one.' Jesus! What happened to respect, integrity, service, and excellence? 'Ha! You're so gullible, Mikey.' I know. I trust people, that's my problem. Always have. 'You trust bankers?' Bankers are people too, Voice.

I'm a people person, me.


Pub? Yeah, if it's not raining too much tomorrow.

Now? Right now? Well, I'm in the mood for my Telecaster. Let me just post this, dear reader(s), make myself a mug of coffee, and then I'll be ready to rock. 'I salute you!' Thanks, man.

See you next week.