Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Why did Goldman Sachs dismiss Frank Cahill?

I just don't understand, man. 'It's pretty simple, boss. His alleged behaviour at HSBC, before Goldman.' What?! That's no reason. 'Well ...' And how has he behaved at Goldman since joining the bank? 'It doesn't matter how he has behaved at Goldman. You know what it's like, Mikey. No bad behaviour at any time, no weirdness, and certainly no massive blue hair in a bun.' Well, I don't think anyone is suggesting that Frankie wears his massive blue hair in a bun. That would be pushing things too far, even for an eccentric FX trader.

This is the world we're living in, dear reader(s). You can't do anything ... unusual. Well, the financial world. / I sometimes wonder how David Bowie would have got on at a bank during his Ziggy Stardust period. 'Oh man, you're having a laugh! Bowie wouldn't have lasted five minutes.' I know. Can you imagine him meeting clients with bright orange hair and dressed in a silk jumpsuit, and wearing big red boots? 'Like some cat from Japan? Like a leper messiah? Hardly!' No. It wouldn't have gone down too well.

Oh, I feel sorry for Frankie. Damn! / I hope he can find a new position somewhere more understanding. Maybe somewhere outside finance. 'You know what you should do, boss.' What? 'Take Mr Cahill for a spin after lunch. A conceptual. No. 269!' Mr Cahill? Oh, Frankie. Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll do that. It'll cheer him up a bit. / I suppose I could phone Lloyd, but what's the point?


Music? I've been listening to the Layla album. But I might put some Bowie on now. I fancy Station to Station. / Maybe if our Frankie had dressed as the thin white duke, he might still have a job. I don't know. Let's not go on about it.

Lunch? Cheese sandwich with Tomato. My favourite sandwich from Morrisons. Crisps. Blackcurrant cheesecake. 'No yoghurt?!?!' No, I'm shaking things up, man. Cheesecake is the future!!!

Guitar? Well, I had a quick burst of lead earlier. 'I heard, boss. Not bad!' Yeah. I was improvising with blues in A, then I switched to pentatonic in A (three frets lower), and then I got back to the blues scale. Riffing all over the shop! It's stuff that, frankly, seemed impossible to me only three months ago.

Anyway, laters.