Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Jeremy Beckwith has gone to Morningstar

Yeah, yeah ... well. / Our Jeremy is a bit of a nutjob, nutmeg, but - 'You mean Nutmeg, boss.' Pardon?! 'Nutmeg. He was working at Nutmeg, a couple of years ago.' What in the name of Christ is Nutmeg?! 'An online investment firm, I think.' Oh, okay. Well, anyway, Jezza has gone to work at Morningstar now, in the UK now, over here now, not over there ... as director of manager research. And, er ... it goes without saying that I'm, er ... looking at his LinkedIn profile as I type and ... Christ!!! 'What?' Oh dear. Oh dear ... oh dear ... oh dear! 'What, Mikey?!' Have you seen Jezza's photo on the profile, Voice? 'Er ... oh my God!!! Oh dear! Oh dear ... oh dear ... oh dear, boss.' Yes, it is rather unfortunate. It looks like he has a massive amount of blue hair in some sort of ... bun. 'Ha!' But on closer examination, I can see that the blue thing is actually ... the back of the chair he's sitting in. 'Oh, what a relief!!! Thank God for that, eh? The last thing they want at Morningstar is a madman doing research for them.' Yeah. I just hope that other people are as careful as I am and examine the photo properly. 'First impressions though, boss ...' I know! I thought he was a lunatic, an absolute lunatic. That was my first impression.


This is a BIG(!) problem. / Dear reader(s), if you have a LinkedIn profile (I mean a genuine profile, not one cooked up by an internet degenerate) please be careful with your photograph because I've seen some awful ones. Employers, business contacts, and clients will not want to get involved with you if you appear to be a little disturbed. Do you know what I mean? It's just the way finance is. Sure, I've tried to change things, but I've been ignored for the most part. Finance is still as square as it has always been. If you want to get on, you've got to conform. 'But shamanism, Mikey?! The old desert, spirits, voices ... me!' Voice, that's why it's got to be rock and roll from now on. Rock and roll all the way! I made a mistake. I'm sha/man enough to admit it.


Music? I'm listening to The Endless River by Pink Floyd. Their new album. It's all right. Nice guitar playing.

Guitar? My guitar? Well, I'm starting to make serious progress, man. These days I can play lead straight off, pretty much perfectly (almost), without having to warm up for two or three hours. / I think I can understand why Jimmy Page says he doesn't need to practice. Of course, I'm not at that stage yet.

[By the way, I can't bend to pitch. But neither can Neil Young after fifty years as a professional musician. Give me a chance!]

[Also, my solos aren't as melodic as I would like. It's early days, man!]