Monday, 24 November 2014

George Soros has given Bill Gross $500 million!

That's all right, ain't it? / Why doesn't George give me some money? Bill doesn't even need it. But I do! I guess these guys all stick together. They're not going to give money to the likes of me. It's not fair.

'What would you do with the money, boss?' I'd buy some new guitars, Voice. 'Yeah, well, Mr Gross is going to invest the money. I'm sure George Soros wouldn't be handing his cash over if he thought Bill would be spending it on Stratocasters and shit.' Fair enough, man. (It's still not fair though.) / After all these years ... I should be rich by now. I've done enough for the financial community, haven't I? Where's my fucking reward?! 'You'll get your reward in heaven, Mikey.' Oh, great. Yeah, I'm looking forward to that.


Christ. It's too early in the week for finance. And it's too early in the day. A Monday of all days! And in winter! / All you need to know, dear reader(s), is that there is no hope. Not just for me, but for you as well. Bad times are coming ... (I've been reading The Guardian again, I'm afraid.)

Music? I'm listening to Plan B, The Defamation of Strickland Banks. Whoever he is. Not exactly Ziggy Stardust, but never mind.


Consistency is what we need! CONSISTENCY!!! 'Eh?! What are you going on about now?' I was flicking through that Marco Pierre White book at the weekend. You know, his autobiography. 'Oh yeah.' Well, he says that without consistency he wouldn't have moved up from two Michelin stars to three. He says there's more chance of losing a star. 'Oh. And?' Well, for the last three months I've been consistently playing my guitar for more than twenty hours a week. Not once have I gone below it! NOT ONCE!!! And I can see the improvement in my playing, man. The next thing, I suppose, is to increase my playing to five hours a day - which will be far more difficult, not because of lack of desire, but just, you know, finding the spare time. 'Stop sleeping, Mikey!' Well, that's what I'm thinking, Voice. 'Yeah. Sleeping is for mugs, boss. Slags!'


Music? I'm going to put something else on. 'Cream?' No, I've been listening to them too much lately. The Police, Voice? Ghost in the Machine. Yeah, I'll give it a go. 'No!' Just let me listen to Invisible Sun. 'All right. That's a good song.'