Thursday, 27 November 2014

Who in the name of Christ is Gavin St. John-Heath?!?!

All right, all right ... / Calm down, everyone! There's no need to get upset. Our Gavin is just some guy that Neil has hired as his chief risk operations officer. 'Neil, boss? Neil who?' Neil, man. Our Neil. Viscount Dr Field Marshal Sir Screaming Lord Woodford, CBE, VC, DSO, MC. 'Oh, Neil. Why didn't you say? Yeah, our Neil. How's he doing?' I don't know, Voice. He's just hiring a few new characters for his Woodford Investment thing. All that risk and compliance stuff. Gavin is one of them. Have you heard of BlueQuant Capital? 'No.' Well, that's where Gavin is from. 'Cool! Another blue firm to add to the list.' I know. Brilliant, isn't it? BlueCrest, BlueBay, and BlueQuant. I hope there are more of them. This could be a new hobby for me. 'Yeah. Like trainspotting.' Take that back, Voice! I don't do drugs! 'Sorry, Mikey.' This is a family blog, man.


Anything else? Er, another couple of posts, later. I'm just warming up, dear reader(s).

Music? I'm listening to U2, for my sins. Achtung Baby. They're all right, I suppose. I'm trying to work out how good The Edge is as a guitarist. I've read that he relies on effects pedals too much. I think he's a pretty decent rhythm player, but limited as a lead guy. No shame in that. Lennon and Marley couldn't really play any lead at all. / There are so many things to master with a guitar. It's far more difficult than the piano. In the old days, I used to practice the piano five or six hours a week and became quite good after a year or two. I mean good enough to play Bowie's Life on Mars? These days, I'm playing my guitar up to five hours a day and still not where I want to be.

Lunch? That's private, I'm afraid. 'Oh, boss. You've got to be open with these people.' They don't need to know what I'm having for lunch every day, for Christ's sake!


Egg sandwich. Happy now?