Thursday, 13 November 2014

Who on earth is Rory Powe?!

More to the point, who on earth is anyone? But we'll leave that for another time. (Minutes, hours ...) / Rory Powe is a very brave man - a fund manager who models himself on Sgt. Bilko. 'In the staid world of finance, Mikey?!' Yes, Voice. 'Incredible bravery!' Well, a lot of these fund managers are quite eccentric, you know. It's just that they don't let it all hang out like our Rory. Actually, I don't think he cares any more what people think of him. He's a veteran. He has nothing left to prove. 'So, why has he joined GLG then?' I don't know. Rory was never a financial shaman. Maybe he's attracted by all the shamans and mystics at GLG. 'A bit late though, isn't it? I mean, this isn't 2008 or 2009. All the smart shamans are getting into rock and roll now.'


Yeah, and I feel bad for leaving it so late, myself. / Jim Morrison showed us the way, way back in 1967. And in 1968, he was staring at the moon ... at the Hollywood Bowl, singing Moonlight Drive. 'Amazing! / But don't be too hard on yourself, boss. Remember 1987!' Ah, 1987. My first demo. My golden youth! Where does the time go?


Oh, God.

Who ... on this earth ... is anyone? Who are you? Who am I? And what are we doing?

Maybe we can escape horrible questions and horrible answers by getting a-ROUND. 'I doubt it.'

We need to escape.


The Doors. When the Music's Over. I want to hear ... the scream of the butterfly!

Moaning guitar.

Come back, baby. Back into my arms.


Lunch? Yes, dear reader(s), there'll be lunch. There is always lunch. Why are you tormenting me?

It doesn't matter. Cheese sandwich.