Monday, 28 March 2011

George Sohos is one exasperating letter away from George Soros

(The letter 'r' - if you’re wondering.) But he will never be George Soros. As a result, there is great pain in his life. So, are we absolutely convinced that we want to look into his ... life, such as it is? Wouldn't it be better for us if we were to cold-heartedly turn our backs? No! Let's show the entire world how brave we are. If George Sohos can live the pain, then we can examine the pain, for a short while. (There's no need to get too involved. After all, he is a stranger.)

I think you should know, reader(s), that George Sohos has recently been promoted at Knight Capital Group. He was leading the quantitative teams (up the garden path, I should imagine), but he is now responsible for overseeing the electronic trading group (globally) at Knight. Knight provides equity execution services to over 2,700 institutional and broker-dealer clients, globally. It's all global with these people. That's the way they like it. George Sohos is a part of it, of course, and has been since the year two thousand. Unfortunately, he is not George Soros. There is nothing that can be done about that. If you've been paying attention, you will know that the letter 'r' is the problem. Everyone at night is aware of the problem. We're not on our own, under the moon. It's warm and sunny, as I write. I'm worried about later on. It gets worse.

Everyone at night is concerned. That's when he breaks up. He loses a 'g' or an 's' or God knows which letter. It gets so bad that he is rarely himself, at night. No one blames him for not being George Soros, in the day. But everyone expects him to be himself, George Sohos, at night. And he just can't manage it in the hell of his lonely nights. Fortunately, the Knight people are keeping him together, in the day. That's the insane truth. Without their love, without their support, I'm sure he would lose his name, every letter of it, day or night, forever. Consider this: employment has not enslaved him, the way it enslaves all others. It has quite literally been the making of him. No, it has been the preservation of him. Yes, I prefer that. Far more accurate. Employment has preserved George Sohos. G-E-O-R-G-E S-O-H-O-S.