Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Goldman Sachs can keep its 10 per cent voting stake in Avenue Financial Holdings

I'm glad. It's nice to have some good news for a change. Goldman Sachs Investment Partners (an opportunistic multi-disciplinary hedge fund) holds the stake. Avenue Financial Holdings owns Avenue Bank, which is what everyone was worried about (I mean, Goldman's stake in the bank). The Federal Reserve has given its blessing. And I am calm. I am relaxed. My mind is undisturbed.

I'm not even taking phone calls from Lloyd Blankfein. He can set that thug, Viniar, on me. What do I care? I haven't fallen out with Lloyd. And I wish him all the best. But he has to understand: I have moved on. It's not a question of money. It doesn't mean I'm tight with Bob Diamond. I am elevated now. The silence is unbelievable. I can sense God, thinking. This is what Lloyd and Bob have to understand. And they can follow me, if they want to. Anyone can.

A lot of people will choose not to. The literal ones. They are scared. They think I will drag them into a pit of insanity. Something happened to them when they were children. Or maybe nothing happened. That’s more likely. Yes, nothing happened to them! They were brought up in comfort. Everything was provided. They didn't have to struggle. But today, they suffer. Maybe without knowing. Inside, they are dead. Now, they have no feelings. They cannot imagine. That's the worst of it. They cannot imagine.

I'm not even taking them seriously. They can stick to their scenes. What do I care? I wish them enlightenment. But they have to understand: I have moved on. It's not a question of bitterness. And I am not looking for their support. I am closer to the life I want. The visions are unrecordable. It feels like God is letting me in on a secret. This is what Jesus and Buddha have to understand, this: I am their brother. And they can give me hugs, if they want to. Anyone equal to me can.

This is important. If you're not on my wavelength, my insights will make you ill. I can't help that. I've got to be selfish in this matter. Who's looking out for me? I am. I'm hovering between life and death. The life I want? It's there! The death I'm trying to escape? Well, I actually believe that I will escape it. I've grown in confidence. The desert is becoming a distant memory. I can have fleshes and bones on Square Mile streets whenever I like. One day, I'll hit Wall Street, with my body. It's my blood and my fire got me where I am. I always had the passion. God has just recognized it, that's all.