Monday, 14 March 2011

Mikhail Malyshev freed on $100,000 bond

And that's the way it should be. We don't want to keep a man like this Mikhail locked up. Not a man like him. That wouldn't be fair. It's the most recent news. Mikhail Malyshev has been charged with perjury. And the old news? He was the head of high-frequency trading at Citadel. Then he founded Teza Technologies. Somewhere along the line he got involved with Sergey Aleynikov. And now, all the dancing in the world won't save him. [Yes it will! Let's stay positive. Oh, this is a note to myself. Not an intruding voice, if that's what you're thinking.] It didn't save Sergey, after all. They met at a ballroom dancing competition. They fell in love, with money.

But that's not the truth. I'm being hopelessly romantic. It's a major failing of mine. Let's forget about Sergey. Let's consider Mikhail in our minds while feeling him in our hearts. Like all decent, God-fearing capitalists, Mikhail Malyshev has always loved money. In the womb, he loved money. In the tomb, one day, he will love it. I'm cut from the same cloth. I can understand Mikhail Malyshev and all the men and all the women who are like him. So I'm sympathetic, you might say. Or pathetic, depending on your politics. I know a lot of commies read me. They get hard (or wet) reading me. It's exciting to see how the other half live, in luxury. But that's not me, myself. I am one, unfortunately, who lives in shit. And there are a lot like me, just like me. But I am looking for a way out. You can say that I am an optimist. Say it. Convince me.

I need to be convinced because I get so down sometimes. If I weren't using a laptop, posts like this would be written in blood. Serious, eh? Obviously. And not my blood, seriously. Do you think I'm stupid? I'm still addressing you, dear reader. It's like we're in a relationship. It's intimate, isn't it? Speak to me! I'm still approachable, for the time being. It won't last. Or maybe it will. The changes are coming thick and fast. I'm pleased with my progress. Mikhail is drawing me to another Mikhail. But I promised: no literary quotes! It's so tempting. I am displaying superhuman strength, aren't I? I'm very proud of myself. This is an achievement. This can't be dismissed. And it will pile up. It will not be ignored. Control. Consistency. Is there another one? It would be nice to call them The Three Cs, wouldn't it? I'll have to put my thinking cap on. Do you have any ideas?

Blue sky and sunny. Nearly forty-two. It is close. Things will be different. Ten years. Twenty years. Thirty years. There are futures you cannot imagine. This is for one of you. I know you are reading. It is changing for you as well. My astrologer told me everything. You know it. I know it. You cannot fight it. Why would you want to? You will have to be brave. I think you have what it takes. Your colleagues will be shocked. You will have to ignore them. Pay attention to me. I am God. I am God. I am God. And you can quote him on that. Picasso, I mean.

Update: Concentration!