Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Philippe Jabre's mistakes are smoke in the air

Philippe Jabre is a notorious hedge fund manager with a love of risk which he manages ever so well. He takes an avalanche of money pain crushing him like death and it is nothing more than smoke in the air to him. It goes off and is forgotten. He lives in beautiful, sunny dreams even when a $300 million loss should put him in the darkness of hellish nightmares. He moves in chaos of markets like a hawk on fire and his wings take the punishment. The mountains of his mind in the mornings and the evenings, growing in size, fill his rivals' inner eyes, and these poor wealthy hedgies find themselves broken and gasping for breath. He is very honest. He tells the truth about himself and his funds to anyone who is willing to listen, and he does it without emotion for he is such a balanced individual. He speaks to his friends, colleagues, and clients all the time, asking absurd questions while waiting for epiphanies that never come. Other people, he challenges with his intensity. They are like ants at his feet. He is always searching. A giant wants giants to share the greatness. He is not a selfish man.

Philippe Jabre is a dangerous hedge fund manager, unpredictable, and wild. But his mistakes are smoke in the air. They do little harm, to him, and are soon forgotten. He walks alone, this financial thing, when he is not flying. Shadow at midnight with a nothing moon and dead street lights has a better chance of existing in the reality of the wretches who want to be with Philippe and know his secrets. He is incredibly honest. He has self-awareness, as well as awareness of the world around, and cosmos ...

We will have to end it here because I am too depressed to continue.